Our offer

Design & Development of customized solutions

  • Turn your vision into reality

    Web application

    A modern web application not only meets your needs, but also offers an advanced user experience and functionality, ensuring the adoption and success of your project.

    With designers, developers and web specialists, our multi-disciplinary team of experts will provide you with a solid, scalable solution that meets web quality criteria: performance, accessibility, eco-design, security, compatibility.

  • Boost your business


    A presence on your users' smartphones and tablets boosts engagement, eases access to your services, improves loyalty and can give you a significant competitive edge.

    Thanks to our expertise in iOS and Android development, we guarantee outstanding design, intuitive use and optimal performance for the creation of your new mobile app.

  • Accelerate your transition to the cloud

    Cloud native

    Flexibility, scalability, improved security and service continuity are the major advantages of cloud-operated solutions.

    Our team of (AWS and Azure) certified experts will support you throughout your project, whether it's:

    • The support right from the design phase of your Cloud provider, to create a “cloud ready” and “container ready” application
    • The migration of an existing application to make it compatible with your new Cloud strategy.
  • Optimize your architecture

    API & microservices

    A product or service is often initially designed as a monolith, for obvious reasons of simplicity of implementation and deployment. However, as the product becomes more complex, its maintainability and scalability may be limited.

    Take advantage of our expertise in architecture, APIs and microservices to help you with:

    • The migration of your solution to distributed products, made up of several applications or modules (or microservices), compatible with containerization.
    • The creation of robust and documented RESTful APIs that comply with best practices in terms of security, operability and maintenance for your company.
  • Improve your efficiency

    Business application

    Hand-crafted business applications offer customization, scalability, integration and competitiveness, with unique functionalities to suit your business.

    Our experienced, multidisciplinary team will work with you, from design to production delivery, to create a quality business application, offering optimal user experience and robust, maintainable code.

    With our approach, you always remain in control of your business application.

  • Harness the full potential of your data


    Giving value to data requires an effort to provide it, store it and present it optimally. These data will be the foundation for your innovative solutions, be they artificial intelligence or tools developed by your data scientists.

    Take benefit from our expertise to design technical solutions to prevent your data from becoming the weak link in your innovation.

    Optimize the value of your data at every stage: architecture, security, ingestion, storage, exposure and performance.

exFabrica methodology

Optimize the quality/price/time ratio of your project

  1. Discovery

    We start with you, on a sprint, the Product Discovery and the definition of the project ambition. Our Delivery Manager and our UX/UI Designers are here to help you refine your needs and understand your constraints. After this first sprint, this activity will continue throughout the project.

    Expected deliverables: Personas, Customer Journey, Design system, Sketch, Interactive prototype...

  2. Scoping sprint

    We want to deliver value as quickly as possible. To achieve this, our architects have to understand your constraints and requirements. Once we all agree on a target technical architecture, we set up the technical environments. Each solution piece must be ready for continuous integration, automated tests, automated quality checks and continuous deployment.

    Expected deliverables: Architecture documentation, implementation of environments, implementation of application layers, implementation of CI/CD, Definition of Done, Definition of NFR.

  3. Implementation sprints

    During these sprints, our team implements and delivers value. We apply SCRUM method. Each User Story has a deliverable. Once the US has the 'done' status, its deliverable is automatically deployed to the qualification environments. The goal is to accelerate the feedback loop to be production-ready as soon as as possible.

    Expected deliverables: more and more value on your environments and the documentation that goes with it.